“Bad weather”… 6 urgent measures from “Education” to protect teachers and students from rain

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Monday, March 18, 2024

Books – Muhammad Fathi:

Educational directorates at the level of the governorates of the Republic have raised the level of maximum preparations as a result of the bad weather that the country has been exposed to since the past few days and continues until now, resulting in rain falling on some areas.

The directorates took precautionary measures to ensure the lives of students and teachers and not expose them to danger in the bad weather that the country is witnessing suddenly in the current period, as follows:

– Disconnect the power supply from all classrooms and do not turn it back on until after ensuring that the walls and floors are dry.

– Ensure that electrical switches are maintained and damaged plugs are changed in all seasons.

– Review all electrical connections and cover exposed wires and switches, if any, through the school maintenance official.

– Ensuring that school roofs are clean and that there are no waste or debris on them, and that rain channels are cleared.

– Do not leave students in the courtyard or outside the classroom during rain.

– Communicating with the operations room of the educational administration in case of emergency.

It is noteworthy that sources in the Ministry of Education and Technical Education revealed that so far there are no official decisions regarding the suspension of classes in schools tomorrow, Tuesday, as a result of the weather fluctuations that the country is witnessing.

According to the sources, the decision to suspend classes in schools is up to the governor in the governorate, which is witnessing weather fluctuations, and the ministry has nothing to do with it.

According to the sources, we have not yet received anything from the concerned authorities indicating that tomorrow, Tuesday, will be considered a holiday due to the unstable weather condition.

She stressed that if anything suddenly happens that requires disrupting the study, coordination will be made with the relevant authorities to take the necessary measures towards that.

Meteorology revealed in a statement that satellite images indicate the continued proliferation of low, medium and cumulus rain clouds over various areas from the north of the country to Greater Cairo and northern Upper Egypt, accompanied by rain of varying intensity, sometimes thundery, in some areas.

Several governorates are witnessing varying rains, from light to heavy, and active winds that increase the cold weather, while warm weather prevails in the South Sinai region, and cold at night and early in the morning in most areas, and the minimum temperature is recorded at 13 degrees Celsius in the regions of Greater Cairo and South Lower Egypt. and canal cities. For more education news (Press here)

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