Charles III meets veterans of the Korean War

Elaph from London: Amid wild reports on social media about the British royal family, King Charles III, who is undergoing cancer treatment, appeared at a reception at Buckingham Palace.

King Charles received four British veterans of the Korean War, before a reception at the palace to mark the 70th anniversary of the conflict.
The Royal Family has faced a difficult start to 2024, with the Princess of Wales currently not carrying out her official duties after having abdominal surgery on January 16.

King Charles was pictured standing in the 18th Century Room while at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, where he met Alan Gay, Mike Muggridge, Brian Barrett and Ron Yardley and can be seen smiling and sitting with the men.

A second reception
Later, Princess Royal Anne and Duchess Sophia of Edinburgh will host a reception for approximately 200 Korean War veterans in the Arch Hall.
Anne will deliver a speech on behalf of the King, speaking about what was once called “the Forgotten War.”

The conflict ended with the signing of an armistice on July 27, 1953, and the anniversary was recognized during the Korean state’s visit to the United Kingdom in November.

British and Commonwealth forces were deployed following a UN call to support South Korea after the invasion of its northern neighbour.
Of the approximately 60,000 members of the British Armed Forces who served, more than 1,100 were killed and 2,500 wounded, according to the National Army Museum.

Duties of the head of state
Charles continues his duties as head of state, including dealing with the public and office work, while undergoing treatment for an unknown type of cancer.

Last Wednesday, he received Baroness Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, at Buckingham Palace for a private meeting. He also appeared virtually at the Commonwealth Day Mass last Monday in a pre-recorded video message.

In his annual address to the family of nations, he pledged to continue serving the Commonwealth “to the best of my ability”.

Since announcing his diagnosis on February 5, King Charles has postponed all public meetings. His last public appearance was on February 11, when he and the Queen waved to well-wishers as they walked to the church at the royal estate in Sandringham, Norfolk.

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