Jordanian Safaa Sultan catches Mediterranean fever while filming an artwork

The Jordanian artist revealed Safaa Sultan She suffered a sudden illness while filming an artistic work, and was subsequently transferred to a hospital to receive treatment, as it was found that she was suffering from Mediterranean fever.

And she had revealed Jordanian artist Safaa Sultan About the death of her father, and she was keen to mourn him and pray for him, as she posted on her Instagram account a picture of her with him, commenting on it: “Oh God, forgive my father, pardon his bad deeds, have mercy on him, honor his resting place, best place him, and purify him of sins and misdeeds. Oh God, he has become my father.” He is in dire need of your mercy, and you are indispensable to his torment, so cover him with your mercy and protect him from your torment.”

It is mentioned that Safaa Sultan’s latest work Her participation in the Syrian series “Suspended”, whose events take place in more than one different format in the Al-Attarin neighborhood after Etab flees the area after her brothers accused her of an honor case, and her life changes upside down, and another named Fawzan is ready to sell the most precious thing he has in order to extend his influence. On the Lane, directed by: Saif Al-Din Al-Subaie, written by: Ali Wajih, and Yamen Hajli, and co-starring: Abbas Al-Nouri, Ghassan Massoud, Sulaf Fawakherji, Sabah Al-Jazairi, Shukran Murtaja.

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