Mandatory Track, Episode 8.. Lawyer Majdi Hashish asks to meet Khadija, his cousin, Habiba’s aunt

She met Artist Juri Bakr “Sanaa”, by artist Ahmed Dash “Hussein” in his small project “Arabia Burger”, in The eighth episode of the Forced Path seriesThey exchanged conversations about the mutual trust between them, and asked Hussein to recommend Issam Omar’s sister, “Ali,” a lawyer in the office of lawyer Majdi Hashish, to find out what is going on in the case of her husband, Safwat, who is accused of killing his beloved, a victim of fraudulent medical research.

Lawyer Majdi Hashish He praises Ali’s work and asks him to meet Khadija, his son, Habiba’s aunt, a victim of fraudulent medical research. Indeed, Ali coordinated with Khadija to meet the lawyer Majdi Hashish.

The episode ended with Ali threatening the lawyer participating with him in the case of the accused, Dr. Safwat, in the Habiba murder case.

Shows a series Compulsory course Starring Ahmed Dash and Essam Omar on the CBC channel at 6:50 pm, on Al-Hayat channel at 11:15 pm, on ON channel at 10:30 pm, and on the Egyptian Channel 1 at 12 midnight, as part of the Ramadan 2024 series.
It was the seventh episode of the Obligatory Path series, and began with Magdy Hashish knowing that Ahmed Dash “Hussein” andEssam Omar “Ali”, through one of those who attacked and beat them, and they went to his house, but they found him drowning in his own blood, after the men of lawyer Majdi Hashish had finished with him.

Compulsory course series It consists of 15 episodes and is shown within Ramadan 2024 seriesStarring Ahmed Dash, Issam Omar, Sabreen, Basma, Juri Bakr, Nour Mahmoud, Mai Al-Ghaity, Rushdi Al-Shami, Yasmina Al-Abd, Moaz Nabil, Mohsen Mansour, Jihad Hossam, Noreen Abu Saada, Ibrahim Al-Zayadi, and a number of other artists. It is a scenario Dialogue by Amin Jamal, Mohamed Mahrez, Mina Bebawi, directed by Nadine Khan, and produced by United Media Services.

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