Urgent.. Thunderstorms and dusty winds in Riyadh and 8 regions in Saudi Arabia, continuing until 10 pm

The National Center of Meteorology has warned citizens against going out during rainy days so that they do not get severe colds these days. Therefore, you must beware of heavy rain at night, wear heavy clothes, and do not cover up for children. There are chances of rain falling with strong, dusty winds blowing over several areas inside the country. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and meteorology warned against walking under high places or trees when the wind is blowing.

Thunder rain and wind

Weather in Saudi Arabia

Meteorology stated that the weather will be very cold in 8 regions until ten o’clock in the evening, including Riyadh, which is an active case of dusty surface winds, and thus there will be no visibility in some areas.

The winds blow over the Tabuk region, which includes Tabuk, Taima, the Eastern Region, which includes the Hafar Al-Batin region, the Al-Jawf region, which includes Qurayyat, Tabarjal, and the Riyadh region, which includes Zulfi, Al-Ghat, Al-Majma’ah, Shaqra, and the Medina region, which includes several regions there.

Dust storm in these areas

Meteorology alerted the people of the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, which includes the capital region, Taif, Al-Ardiyat, Khulais, Al-Kamil, Al-Jamoum, Rabigh, Al-Khurma, Al-Muwayh, Turabah, Raniyah, and some other areas.

Rain also falls on some other areas, such as the Al-Bahah region, which includes Al-Aqiq, Al-Qura, Al-Mandaq, and many other areas within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Meteorology warned the people of the Qassim region, including Al-Asiyah, Al-Bada’i, Al-Bukayriyah, Al-Amar, Al-Madhab Al-Thamriya, Al-Khubara, Al-Rass, Al-Fawwarah, and Al-Nabhaniya.

Expected weather condition

Weather in Saudi Arabia

Meteorology indicated that the expected weather condition will cause dusty winds and flooding of many streets, and this weather condition will continue until ten o’clock in the evening.

The Civil Defense warned citizens to be careful of thunderstorms, with dust-laden winds affecting many areas within the Kingdom, and it is advisable to stay in a safe place when the wind and rain are blowing so as not to be exposed to the cold.

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Trigger yellow and red alarm

Meteorology in Saudi Arabia issued a yellow alert for some regions, including Asir, the Abha region, Uhud, Warfido, Jazan, and several other regions, and thus fog forms due to the dangerous weather effects on the Kingdom’s atmosphere.

These effects cause a lack of horizontal visibility, and therefore the meteorology issued a red warning in both the northern region and Al-Uwaiqila. Rain and severe thunderbolts are expected to fall in light of the presence of fog in the morning.

Unstable weather

The weather in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has now become unstable due to the European cold mass hitting the country, which has made everyone constantly monitor the weather conditions before leaving their home.

The weather expert expected rain to fall with active winds in many areas. You should also stay away from high places so as not to put your life at risk. In the event of active winds, you should stay away from driving or drive with caution.

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What is the temperature in Mecca?

Meteorology in Saudi Arabia indicated that the temperature in Mecca today is about 18 degrees Celsius, with abnormal rain and winds.

When does it get cold in Medina?

The weather cools down in Medina and Saudi Arabia in general from December to February.

When is the best time to visit Mecca?

One of the best times to go to Mecca is from November until the beginning of March, so that the temperature is suitable for everyone.

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