New shots show Kate Middleton smiling with the British Crown Prince Mix


Yesterday evening, Monday, new shots were published of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, in which she appeared smiling alongside her husband, Prince William, at a Windsor farmers market, west of the capital, London.

In a photograph that seemed clearer, Kate (42 years old) appeared walking smiling next to the British Crown Prince.

The British newspaper “The Sun” attached the photo, which was published on the evening of Monday, March 18, 2024, to a message addressed to the princess, which said, “We are happy to see you, Kate,” noting that Kate and William also attended a sports activity on Sunday in which their three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, participated.

As for the Daily Mail newspaper, it considered that “this photo will silence conspiracy theories” and will “reassure” the princess’s fans of her recovery after the surgery she underwent.

The princess’s situation sparks a frenzy of… Rumors and speculation for weeksAmid unconfirmed talk about the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) being notified of the need to prepare to broadcast an announcement issued by the royal family.

Kate underwent abdominal surgery on January 16 without revealing further details, while Kensington Palace announced at the time that she would not return to performing her public duties before Easter (March 31, 2024).

But the princess’s long absence opened the door to rumors and speculation, especially after The crisis of the modified family imageAnd her absence from St. Patrick’s Day celebrations last Sunday, which she had not missed for years.

Kate’s publication of a photo in which she appeared smiling and surrounded by her children on the occasion of Mother’s Day on March 10 was supposed to put an end to circulating conspiracy theories, but international news agencies were later forced to withdraw it, due to fears that it had been tampered with, before it was released. The princess later apologizes She admits that she edited the photo.

It is noteworthy that British media expected that the Princess of Wales would not return to her public duties before April 17.

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