Russia threatens France if it sends a military unit to Ukraine

On Tuesday, Russian Intelligence Director Sergei Naryshkin threatened France if it sent a military unit to Ukraine.

The Russian “TASS” news agency quoted Naryshkin as saying: “We have information that… France It is preparing a military unit to be sent to Ukraine, and its number in the first stage will reach about two thousand soldiers.”

He added: “This military unit will become a legitimate and priority target for Russian forces.”

He pointed out that the French army is “clearly concerned about the increasing number of French people killed in… Ukraine“It is the largest since the Algerian War in the twentieth century.”

He explained that the French President Emmanuel Macron He does not acknowledge the killing of Frenchmen in Ukraine “for fear of protests.”

He commented French army He responded to the statements of the Russian intelligence director by saying that they were “misleading.”

After a conference on Ukraine in the capital ParisThe French President did not rule out the possibility of sending Western ground forces to Ukraine.

As he pledged Macron That Western countries “will do what is required” to prevent Russia’s victory in this war.

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