“The state is closing the emergency rooms”: Gaza Sheba was stopped at the entrance to the settlement in Gilboa – the residents are angry

An unusual event in Magan Shaul: An illegal resident from Gaza was arrested this morning (Tuesday) at the entrance to the settlement of Magen Shaul. The members of the emergency squad identified the suspect who was walking towards the settlement gate with a bag in his hand.

Almost every day and night, a security incident takes place that proves the importance of the emergency teams in communities that fear the entry of PAF elements into their homes. This time it happened in the community of Magen Shaul. Ben Shmuel, Rabbi of Magen Shaul commented on the dramatic incident: “This morning at 9 o’clock a resident of Gaza arrived in the direction of The gate on foot with a bag in his hand, the standby squad that was on guard at the gate caught him and took details from him and then his identity became clear.”

Shaar Moshav Magen Shaul in the Gilboa Regional Council. Photo: Yehoshua Yosef

The Sheba aroused the suspicion of the members of the emergency squad, who started an orderly procedure and checked his identity. At that moment, a report was sent to the army and the police. The security forces arrived and took him in for questioning. This is not a normal thing for the ShG, our constant threat is from nearby Jenin and not from Gaza. But we issued a statement clarifying that the situation is under control and the guy has been caught and we continue to do our job.”

Ben Shmuel Rabbi Shmuel Magen Shmuel, Photo: Magen Shaul standby class

The “Hanni” forum has been warning for a long time and even more so in recent days, in light of the trend to close the preparatory classes and thin out the number of members in them. The forum submitted an appeal to all the security officials responsible for the issue, in order to prevent the serious security failure that would endanger the lives of the residents”

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