Their place: The disabled student is not invited to the Purim party: “so that the children will not be frightened”

Following her condition that had improved since last year, Maayan asked to come celebrate with her classmates the upcoming Purim party, the “Beit Av’i” school in Ibn Yehuda where she studied until the unfortunate incident did not allow Shahar to come. The school informed about the refusal of her request because they fear that a spring will cause trauma among the children who were involved in the accident last year.

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In addition, the parents turned to the psychiatrist with a request to issue a letter against Shahar’s arrival at the Purim party, this action convinced the school and the Ministry of Education to support the parents’ position, according to Under the Radar. Maayan’s mother did not stay obliging and said: “At first Maayan was connected to tubes and it was scary, for this whole year out of consideration for the students so they wouldn’t be scared, I didn’t bring her to school.”

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