Video – Safaa Sultan has a serious illness… This is what she revealed

After the widespread controversy surrounding her health condition, artist Safaa Sultan revealed the details of her infection with a rare and dangerous disease that causes her a lot of pain throughout her body.

The Jordanian artist said during an interview with the “ET Arabic” program: “I was filming some scenes in the hospital, and I had a health crisis and they saved my life and treated me, and I discovered that I had Mediterranean fever.” She added: “May God help every person afflicted with this disease. His pain is great. May God heal every patient. This disease causes clots in the abdomen, and sometimes the patient may lose an organ in his body. I take medication to avoid seizures as much as possible.”

She continued: “After I left the hospital, I felt that God had written a new life for me so that I could see people’s love for me, and I felt that because of their prayers, God had extended my life so that I could meet my family.”

Regarding her daughter’s reaction upon learning of her illness, Safaa Sultan said: “I learned that I was infected with the illness in the evening after filming the last scene, and I was not able to tell my family, and my daughter was in a state of collapse, and I communicated with her via video while I was in intensive care so that I could assure her that I was fine.” .

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