Workers set the fire.. The cause of the fire was revealed while filming an Egyptian series

Egyptian security authorities revealed the cause of a fire that broke out, on Monday, on the filming site of one of the series shown during the current month of Ramadan.

newspaper quoted “Sunrise“and location”Sada El BaladAccording to officials in the Ministry of Interior, “It turned out that the causes of the fire during the filming of the series One Thousand and One Nights (Juder) in the Media Production City was that site workers lit a stove containing some wood, and supplied it with a quantity of highly flammable thinner to be used in one of the scenes in the series.” .

It was a newspaperEgyptian todayEyewitnesses were quoted as saying, “The fire resulted from an electrical short in one of the electrical connections (..) and spread with a fire that was in a clay oven prepared for photography.”

The newspaper indicated that the fire resulted in a minor burn to one of the support services workers, in addition to suffocation on the filming site of the series starring the artist Yasser Jalal.

It quoted witnesses as saying that at the time of the fire, Jalal and the crew were in one of the nearby rest houses due to rain falling before the fire broke out, which disrupted filming for some time.

The newspaper added that investigations indicated that “the filming site was located on an area of ​​​​about 300 meters, and all its contents were wood, foam, and highly flammable materials.”

The website said,Sada El Balad“The Public Prosecution in 6th of October City decided to summon the work team who attended the scene that caused the fire to hear their statements and testimonies about the incident.

The Media Production City issued a statement, on Monday, in which it said that a limited fire broke out in the decor of the series One Thousand and One Nights (Jouder), which is being filmed in the popular neighborhood in the open filming areas of the Media Production City, according to “Al-Shorouk” newspaper.

This accident is the third of its kind on the filming sites of series shown during the current Ramadan season, as it broke out three days after another fire in Al-Ahram Studio, which was witnessing the filming of the series “The Teacher” by artist Mustafa Shaaban, without any loss of life.

A fire broke out last month on the set of the series “Al-Kabir Awi,” which is currently being shown in the Ramadan drama season, and the fire was brought under control without casualties.

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