A quiet departure despite the overwhelming presence.. Goodbye Mahmoud El Shazly

Death changed the artist Mahmoud Al-Shazly Who quietly left our world after going through a severe health problem, as he was one of the stars of art who always worked in silence, away from appearing in artistic gatherings and social media, and he is considered one of the icons of this holy month, as we are accustomed to seeing and watching his television works during the month of Ramadan. He has been associated in the minds of many with his distinguished participation in the series of the Dean of TV Drama, Osama Anwar Okasha.

child Mahmoud Al-Shazly In Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, he worked as an employee at the Egyptian Ministry of Health. He found his way into the artistic community through his participation with the Kafr El-Sheikh Theater Troupe, with which he participated in a large number of theatrical performances, and during these participations he won many awards.

He began working on Egyptian television during the seventies of the last century, and became famous for embodying the characters of the working class and the country’s children, the most famous of which is the character of Madian in the series “The Journey of Mr. Abu El-Ela Al-Bishri” and “Abu El-Ela 90,” the character of the barber in the series “The Bird of Fire,” and the character Shalbaya in the series “Gates of the City”, in addition to the character Zaatar Al-Qahwaji in “Layali Al-Helmeya”.

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