Supplication for the tenth day of Ramadan 2024: O God, guide us to the best of morals

12:19 PM

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Written by Ali Shibl:

On the tenth day of the month of blessings and blessings, the month of mercy and forgiveness, the month of the Qur’an in which a night is better than a thousand months, Masrawy monitors throughout the holy month the best recommended and answered supplications for the fasting person to be careful of, based on what was reported from the Prophet (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him) that he said: “ There are three whose supplications will not be rejected: a just imam, a fasting person when he breaks his fast, and the supplication of an oppressed person…” Narrated by Al-Tirmidhi and authenticated by Al-Albani. This hadith encourages the fasting person to take advantage of the moments of fasting and breaking the fast, and pray for whatever goodness he likes, hoping that God will grant him an answer.

Among the masterpieces of supplication on the tenth day of the blessed month of Ramadan:

Oh God, I will fast for you and with your provision I will break my fast, so accept my prayers, fasting, standing, prayers and all my deeds, and forgive me and my parents, for you are the Forgiving, the Merciful.

We have prepared for every horror, there is no god but God, and for every blessing, praise be to God, and for every eye injury, Glory be to God, and for every distress and distress, God suffices me, and for every worry and sadness, God willing, and for every decree and destiny I trust in God, and for every obedience and disobedience, there is no power nor strength except with God, and for every Need help from God.

O God, You are the King, there is no god but You. You are our Lord and we are Your servants. We have wronged ourselves and confessed our sins, so forgive us all our sins. No one forgives sins except You. Guide us to the best of morals and deeds. No one guides to the best of them except You. And turn away from us the bad of it. No one can turn away from us the bad of it except You. At Your command and happiness, all good is in Your hands, and evil is not up to You. You are blessed and exalted. We seek Your forgiveness and repent to You.

Oh God, I have entrusted you with my affairs, so I seek refuge in you from my misfortune, the distress of my chest, and the emptiness of my patience, and make me, O Lord, one of those whom you looked at, had mercy on, and heard his supplications, so I answered him. My Lord, make my request easy for me and make my goal easy for me, even if what I pray for is impossible, you are the All-Powerful. Nothing on earth or in heaven is impossible for you, and if it is evil, make it easy for me. Please grant me goodness and your presence, O God.

Oh God, O tenderness, O benevolent, O comforter of every lonely person, O companion of every unique person, O near not far off, O victorious and not vanquished, O conqueror, O mighty, O God, O possessor of majesty and honor, take me from my surroundings to your surroundings, and from my resolve to your resolve, and from my weakness to Your strength, and from my brokenness to your glory, and from the narrowness of my choice to the comfort of your will, and from my short-sightedness to the breadth of your mercy, and make me calm, O God, with love, consolation, compassion, reparation, abandonment, and overlooking, and make me a blessing to your servants, a hand for your giving, and an outlet for your blessings, and do not cut me off. And do not be offended by my abandonment, and erase from my heart everything other than You, and plant in it contentment with Your decree, even if it violates what I want and falls short of realizing it in my efforts. Then gather me with the passers-by, the poor, the abandoned, the surrendered, and whose hearts are forced by Your giving.

O God, bless and bless our Master Muhammad and his family and companions. O God, just as you have adorned the sky of your universe with your stars, decorate our hearts with the love of your beloved, your Prophet, and your Messenger, and guard us with your eye that never sleeps, and envelop us in your careless protection, and make us among those who see it in wakefulness and sleep, O tenderness, O gentleness, O possessor of majesty. And honor.

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