Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: “A new war may break out at the end of the week”

“If Armenia does not reach a compromise on the return of some strategic Azeri territories, Azerbaijan may start a new war at the end of the week,” warned (Monday, 3/18/24) Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during a meeting with residents of the border areas of Tabush district in the north the state

“I know what will happen at the end of this war,” added the Prime Minister of Armenia, explaining that after the armed conflict, the locals will ask him why, even though he had information about the threat of war, he did not warn them in advance.

The two countries previously stated that they were interested in a peace agreement, but the talks ran into difficulties regarding the demarcation of the closed border between them, which stretches for a thousand kilometers.

According to the Prime Minister of Armenia, “Yerevan must draw a more precise border with Azerbaijan in the Tabush district to avoid war.” He added: “Our policy is to prevent war, not allow it to break out. Therefore, we have decided to agree to draw a more precise border line in these areas. We are doing this not only for the interests of the Republic of Armenia, but also for the villages of Voskper and Kirants, to ensure the security of these areas,” Pashinyan, quoted by Armenian public television, said in a meeting with the city’s residents.

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