The physics teacher accused of killing a Dakahlia student before the court: Ready for punishment.. Video

Dakahlia Sherif El-Deeb – Muhammad Al-Habashi

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 12:23 PM

Counselor Magdy Qassem decided to head Mansoura Criminal Court The case of the teacher accused of ending the life of his student and splitting his body into 3 parts is examining the case of the teacher, appointing a lawyer to defend the accused, after the accused refused to have a lawyer present to defend him.

The trial judge, Counselor Magdy Qassem, decided to remove the defendant, Muhammad A. Al, 26 years old, from the cage and bring him before the Mansoura Criminal Court, to hear his statements, after placing him inside the dock, inside the courtroom, which is holding his first session today, after he finished. The life of a student and his body was divided into 3 parts at the Stamouni Center in Dakahlia.

The accused admitted in detail that he committed the crime in all its details, as he planned to end the student’s life, and that only he was responsible for it, without his assistance or participation from any other person.

The accused said during his conversation with the trial judge: “I am ready to be punished, because everyone is shocked by what I did, and I am as well. I must be punished in order to get rid of the sin I committed.”

The judge adjourned the session and postponed it to the April 21 session, to assign a lawyer to defend the accused, hear the prosecution’s pleas, and complete the trial of the accused. The trial session was chaired by Counselor Magdy Ali Qassem, President of the Mansoura Criminal Court “Seventh Circuit”, which is competent to hear the cases of the Stamouni Center, and includes the panel in its membership. Counselor Wael Safwat Rashed, President of the Court, Counselor Mohieddin Muhammad Al-Kanani, Counselor Walid Nabil Atwa, and Ahmed Kamal’s secretariat.

Youm7 presented a live broadcast of the events of the first trial session of the physics teacher accused of killing a student for ransom, after the Public Prosecution decided to refer the accused to the Criminal Court.

The prosecution’s investigations with the accused in Case No. 1041 of 2024 Stamouni Felony concluded that he was charged with the felony of premeditated murder of the child. This was due to his desire to obtain a ransom from his family.

The Public Prosecution had initiated investigations, and assigned the police to investigate the incident to uncover its circumstances, and asked its witnesses. They concluded that the accused, who turned out to be a university student, was behind the commission. He was giving the victim a private lesson, and as soon as he learned of his father’s financial ability; Given that he suffered a financial loss as a result of his speculation through a website, He lured the victim and killed him, dumped his body on one of the agricultural lands – after splitting it in half – and then asked his family for a financial ransom.

The accused admitted in detail to the investigations how he committed the crime, planned, prepared and executed it, and the accused proceeded to film his simulation of these details at the crime scene in front of the Public Prosecution.

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