The prices of Zero cars decreased from 100 to 300 thousand pounds in the Egyptian market

Written by: Amani Samir

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 12:00 PM

A state of optimism prevails Egyptian automotive sectorAnd this coincides with Providing dollar liquidity And begin to facilitate import procedures, and reopen documentary credits in banks, while financing the imports of various fully manufactured vehicles, production components used in manufacturing processes, and spare parts as well.

More than one car dealer for both Chinese and Korean brands announced a decrease of up to 300 thousand pounds for one of the famous Korean brands, and thus it disappeared completely. The best price It will be sold now at the official price.

Another agent who owns several Chinese brands offers a discount on his cars amounting to 160 thousand pounds so far, by making expanded discounts of 6 to 8% on some brands, and for discounts on spare parts, a discount of up to approximately 25% has been made.

Some car distributors and dealers are now resorting to… New discounts Especially with the current relative recession on one of the Japanese brands, with a value of up to 120 thousand pounds for some categories offered in the local market.

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