Video – Liqaa Al-Khamisi reveals for the first time a surprise about her mother

During her hosting of the “Asrar” program presented by the journalist Amira Badr on “Al-Nahar” channel, the artist Liqaa Al-Khamisi revealed for the first time a surprise about her mother’s religion after the controversy that arose around her during the recent period, after her talk about her being a hereditary Muslim, where she said:

– “I am a Muslim, my father is a Muslim and I am a Muslim, and the meaning of the word Muslim is that I have surrendered my heart to God. Every one has God inside him. I see how God is, and he embraces a religion that belongs to each person and no one else. I see that all religions know God, and my mother is a Christian, and my mother is the same age.” “What do you get us into this story?”

– “My mother is a Christian and she used to fast with us during Ramadan and wake us up to pray Fajr. She prays to our Lord in her own way, and I went to church with her many times and prayed. It is the same prayer, but the ritual is different, and a Muslim is like a Christian like a Jew, and people do not see that and everyone has his own ideas. I read in history.” There is a lot of debt.”

– “There are no differences between religions. It’s the same thing. We need to know God. We are part of God. Don’t they say we breathed our soul into Him? Naturally, we become Muslims, meaning we surrender our hearts to God. We are all the same.”

– “The Abrahamic religion is the foundation because Abraham is the foundation, and the religion speaks about one God and there is no other, and the religions are not different. Before there was Islam in Egypt, it was Christian, and before that it was Jewish. Amr bin Al-Aas entered, and Egypt remained Muslim.”

– “I don’t hear sheikhs talking about religion, and I don’t like to say I am with whom and who is against, but I like to hear Naqshbandi. I lived in a country where I did not need anyone to explain anything to me, and when I was in the Emirates, religious education was part of the curriculum and the religion teachers were Egyptian.”

– “I only read and do not listen to anyone. I have heard a lot, but I am not convinced of all the things. There are nice people now, like Sheikh Mustafa Hosni, who are comfortable, calm, and conscious. I may not be veiled, but I love him. He gives me a feeling of psychological peace. Our relationship with God is not strife.”

– “There are people who are upset by my opinions and insult me. If you refuse to discuss an idea or skip it, and people insult you, you say you don’t know God. Do they know my life? What am I doing in my home or praying to God to say? Has anyone entered inside me? Am I being honest or not? Our only Lord. Who knows the truth or not?

– “My relationship with God is the best thing in life. I am satisfied and have a beautiful, satisfied husband, and every morning I thank God for everything.”

– “I may have influenced my husband, Mohamed Abdel Monsef, in some way, but not the process, and when the fans married me, they attacked him for saying that he had an actress!”

– “In the past, there was a scandal that he was marrying an actress, and my husband and I did not influence me as much as I influenced him, and my children who influenced me were indifferent.”

– “What my husband rejected, I would have rejected it too, and I am not accustomed to more open scenes, and the movie “Speak, Scheherazade” offered me the role of the lawyer who was the storyteller of Professor Mahmoud Hamida, and there was a scene on the bed, and the one who nominated me was Professor Waheed Hamid, may God have mercy on him, and I met him and told him I won’t be able to do it because of a scene on the bed. He said, “Are you joking, are you rejecting a movie by Waheed Hamed, and I see you as a star?” I told him, “No, I don’t reject a movie. If you remove this scene, I will act.” He said, “Aren’t you the one who will tell me what to remove and what not to do?”

– “If I had accepted this, my husband would have had problems, especially since Zamalek fans were insulting that he had married an actress.”

– There were very important jobs that I rejected, and I spent a week at home crying because of scenes. I rejected the movie “Scott Hansour” with Youssef Chahine and I was dying. I rejected the movie because of a kiss scene, and Ruby was the one who played the role.”

– “If I could go back in time and there was no kiss in the movie, I would kiss him, and I won’t say that whoever does this is not good, but I won’t be able to. And the second movie, “Speak, Scheherazade,” is a scene that was very important to me, and at the time I was married, and if this scene had been done, I would have done it with Muhammad Abd. Al-Mansif would have stayed at home.”

– “Of course, I love my husband until now because he is a loving man. No one has faults and he does not spend much time with me, but he is a caring man and loves his children, my mother, my sisters, and all people.”

– “My husband is cleaner than he is, and I felt that something had happened and I wouldn’t go after him and bother myself. Why? Not everything will happen, but I felt and I didn’t want to see proof, and the advice woman doesn’t scratch herself, and she did it without taking it into consideration and went back…” .

– “I cursed the dancing scene in “The Fourth Wife,” and when I cursed my husband, he got upset. This is my job and the location is full of people, and I don’t even know how to belly dance.”

– “My son doesn’t watch me at all, and no one watches me. They don’t watch an Arab at all while they are in a parallel world.”

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