Bahaa Sultan accompanies the body of Hama at Al-Tabbakh Mosque in Abdeen

Accompany the star Bahaa Sultan The body of his father-in-law, his father-in-law, in Al-Tabbakh Mosque in Abdeen Square, for funeral prayers to be performed over him and his funeral to his final resting place.

The star Bahaa Sultan mourned his father-in-law, who passed away yesterday, Tuesday, and wrote on his Facebook page: My father-in-law, Hajj Magdy Al-Halawani, has passed away to the mercy of God. May God have mercy on him and forgive him and make his grave a garden of paradise.

On the other hand, it was presented Star Bahaa Sultan A new song titled “We Don’t Have You,” written by Hany Ragab, composed by Islam Moez, arranged by Amr Salah, artistic producer Saeed Imam, and production manager Majed Soliman.

And he was the star Bahaa Sultan He has released a number of songs during the recent period, including the song “Dadina” and “Nadr Alia”, which are written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar, composed by Muhammad Yahya and arranged by Wissam Abdel Moneim. He also released the song “Now I Ajabnako”, written by Menna Al-Qai’i, composed by Aziz Al-Shafi’i and arranged by Ahmed. Adel, Mix Maher Salah, and Master Jalal Hamdawi, and also released the song “The Air is Wala,” written by Bassem Adel, composed by Muhammad Yahya, and arranged by Wissam Abdel Moneim.

172157-Bahaa-Sultan-at the funeral

Bahaa Sultan at the funeral

Bahaa Sultan at the funeral

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