Before the artist, Nahid El Sebaei, announced that she had frozen her eggs… 3 legal controls

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Written by Ali Shibl:

After the artist, Nahid El Sibaei, said that she froze her eggs, explaining during her interview with the “Incredible Ink” program, that her mother insisted on freezing her eggs, and that after her death, she felt a sense of motherhood, as her mother was life for her, and she had no one left to care about.. he wondered. Some about the Sharia’s opinion on the process of freezing eggs, whether religion permits it, and what are the Sharia controls in that case.

The Egyptian Fatwa House has previously clarified its legal opinion regarding the egg freezing process, as it specified in its fatwa the controls for this process so that it is permissible from a legal standpoint.

The main Fatwa Committee at Dar Al-Fatwa pointed out that the process of freezing eggs is considered one of the new scientific developments in the field of artificial reproduction, which allows the couple later to repeat the fertilization process when needed, without repeating the process of stimulating the ovaries to produce other eggs.

In its fatwa statement via the official portal, the committee set several legal controls that must be observed during the process of freezing eggs, which are:

The first: That the fertilization process takes place between a couple, and that the egg is extracted and inserted after fertilization into the woman while the marital relationship between her and the owner of the sperm exists. This is not permissible after the marital bond between the man and the woman is broken up by death, divorce, or something else.

Second: Preserving the enriched vaccines in a completely safe manner under strict supervision, in a way that prevents them from being intentionally or inadvertently mixed with other preserved vaccines.

Third: The vaccine should not be placed in a foreign uterus other than the uterus of the owner of the fertilized egg, neither as a donation nor as compensation, while the fatwa mentioned the fourth requirement, which is that the process of freezing the egg should not have negative side effects on the fetus as a result of the vaccines being affected by the various factors that they may be exposed to in the event of preservation, such as the occurrence of deformities. Congenital, or later mental retardation.

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