Why is homosexuality not considered adultery?.. Ali Jumaa: Homosexuality is an intellectual corruption that is against common sense

Written by Samir Hosni

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 02:58 PM

He replied Dr. Ali JumaaThe former Mufti of the land, to a woman’s question: Why do Muslims fear homosexuality and why do they not consider it adultery?

Dr. Ali Gomaa, the former Mufti of Egypt, said during an episode of the “Nour El-Din” program, broadcast on the United Company’s channels, today, Wednesday: “This act is against nature, but Adultery With nature, God created an attraction between men and women for the sake of building the earth, but what is this necessary? This is a type of intellectual corruption, as there is a big difference between them in motivation and need.”

He continued: “Anomalies It is a type of habituation. A person may have been assaulted when he was young and he became accustomed to it. Therefore, the Companions agreed on the punishment for this, but they differed as to whether this evil act was like adultery, higher than adultery, or less than adultery.

Nour El-Din Programwhich is shown on the United Company’s channels, opens a dialogue with children and adults about their questions about religion and God Almighty, in addition to the life problems facing God’s servants and how to overcome them, and answers questions for the first time on the lips of young children, who always ask their families who find themselves… We are confused by examples of where God is, why we do not see Him, and other matters that parents stand before in extreme confusion without an answer, which made the program a subject of anticipation, whether for the parents who are waiting for it to understand the correct answer, or for the children who will find in the program an understanding of what they are trying to know and prove to them correctly what it is. It builds awareness and certainty in them.

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