Facebook is restoring a feature that died 10 years ago

11:31 p.m

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

About 10 years after its sudden disappearance, the Facebook platform restored the poking feature, which had been suspended since 2014.

Facebook added the poke button to the website design so that it is more visible across the web version or in the app.

Facebook modified the design in early 2024 to make the poke button clearer, and the new design shows the button next to any name the user is searching for.

The surprise was that young Facebook users responded quickly to the new design, and the rate of use of the button increased by 1,300% over the past month.

The poke feature is one of the oldest features of Facebook. It began with the launch of the platform in 2004, and after its popularity declined, the poke button disappeared after 2014.

Meta said that users between the ages of 18 and 29 represent more than 50% of poke button users.

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