Washington warns Netanyahu of the repercussions of the Rafah operation: it will harm our relations and peace with Egypt

Written by: Nihal Abu Al-Saud

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 11:24 AM

Axios revealed that the Biden administration is studying alternatives to the Rafah invasion, which it will propose to an Israeli delegation that will visit Washington next week, amid official warnings of the repercussions of the military operation that it wants. Netanyahu launched, primarily the effects on relations with Egypt and the United States.

American officials said that the White House requested the meeting to try to avoid a clash between the United States and Israel, as both Biden and Netanyahu set various “red lines” around the Israeli operation in the southern Gaza Strip, where more than a million displaced Palestinians reside there as part of attempts to distance themselves. About the Israeli bombing that has continued for more than 5 months and has claimed the lives of at least 31,000 Palestinian martyrs.

The Biden administration opposes The Israeli operation in RafahShe said she was concerned about the lack of an implementable plan that would protect the Palestinians, but Netanyahu announced his determination to invade Gaza under the pretext of eliminating Hamas.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the operation could prevent the entry of much-needed humanitarian aid from Egypt into Gaza, isolate Israel internationally and harm the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

The report indicated that Biden surprised Netanyahu when he suggested during their phone call on Monday that the Israeli Prime Minister send a delegation to Washington to talk about the Rafah operation. This was the first time the Israelis heard about this

Two American officials said the idea was discussed within the administration for several days as a way to move toward a more positive path with the Israelis. “The fear was that negotiations on the hostage deal would collapse, and then the Israelis would go ahead with the invasion of Rafah, which would be a breaking point in relations,” one of the officials said. American-Israeli.

One idea is to postpone the military operation in the city and focus on stabilizing the humanitarian situation in northern Gaza, where famine is imminent, US officials said. This plan will also include building shelters for civilians evacuated from Rafah.

One official said the goal would be to reduce the possibility of significant civilian casualties during the invasion.

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