Haiti…the worsening crises in the poorest country in the Americas and the spread of armed gangs

Haiti The poorest country in the Americas, the security crisis is worsening, and the police in Haiti announced that they had killed a number of members of the armed gangs led by Jimmy Chérizier, known as “The BBQ.” According to what was announced, this occurred amid bloody clashes in the Basse-Delmas 6 area in the center of the city of Port-au. Prince is the country’s capital.

The Argentine newspaper Infobay indicated that firearms were also seized and some roads closed by armed gangs in Haiti were opened.

The police in Haiti said in a statement: “The police are implementing new strategies with the aim of reclaiming some of the areas occupied by these armed gangs in recent days, in order to facilitate the freedom of movement of peaceful citizens.”

Violence has become a constant in Haiti, a poor country mired in a deep political crisis. Violent clashes occurred between the police and armed gangs, a situation that has been occurring since the end of February, with ongoing attacks by criminal groups that control a large part of the country’s capital.

Although Haiti has been facing a deep political, economic, and security crisis for years, the situation worsened after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021, mainly due to the momentum of the gangs that control most of the capital.

The gangs sought to close major ports as well as the international airport. In addition, they attacked the most important prisons in Port-au-Prince, leading to the escape of about 3,000 prisoners. Among them are gang members and leaders.

The gangs had a clear goal: to overthrow Prime Minister Ariel Henry, and despite his resignation last week, the violence has not subsided. The Prime Minister promised to form a transitional council that includes various segments of society and would appoint the next prime minister, but this entity has not yet been formed and the process of transferring power has been delayed.

Despite this announcement, violence has not abated and continues to devastate much of the country. United Nations agencies have warned that hunger is spreading throughout the Caribbean country and stressed that the difficulty of providing humanitarian aid is increasing due to the actions of criminal gangs.

America evacuates its citizens from Haiti

The US State Department announced, on Monday, that Washington evacuated more than 30 American citizens from the Republic of Haiti, on board a charter plane provided for them by the US government.

A spokesman for the ministry said – in a statement carried by the American (Al Hurra) channel – that the ministry “facilitated the safe departure of more than 30 American citizens from (Cape-Haitien) on a charter flight for the US government, and the passengers are now safe in Miami, Florida.”

Regarding the Americans who are still in Haiti, the spokesman explained that “the State Department is studying the possibility of removing them from the capital, Port-au-Prince, and will inform American citizens when it is able to organize the operation safely,” adding: “We will continue to assist them as long as commercial flights are not available and the security environment is in place.” Allow us to do so.”

Last Sunday, the United States evacuated part of its embassy staff, and other countries – and the European Union – evacuated their diplomats due to the lack of stability in Haiti, while the United Nations removed its non-essential employees.

The Republic of Haiti is witnessing acts of violence committed by some criminal gangs that control entire areas, including 80% of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

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