International Day of Happiness.. Tricks that help you be optimistic, inspired by the Thresholds of Joy series

Thresholds of Joy series One of the series that competes strongly in a marathon Ramadan 2024 dramaIts events revolve around a grandfather named Bahjat Al-Ansari, who bears responsibility for his grandchildren, and over time becomes a famous content presenter on YouTube in which he calls people to happiness and joy, which became clear through the promo of the Thresholds of Joy series.

Because many people search for happiness all the time, which is a relative matter that varies from one person to another, some may see happiness in accomplishing some professional tasks in a short time, and others see happiness in losing weight, on the occasion of the International Day of Happiness, and inspired by the Thresholds of Joy series. In this report, we review things that help you feel happy and optimistic, according to the happier website.

9 tricks that help you feel happy


Writing helps get rid of Negative energyTherefore, it is recommended to write down 3 positive things that happened to the person on a daily basis in order to help him feel happy and optimistic.

Walking in the fresh air

It is preferable to take a walk in the gardens for a few minutes, as this helps you feel happy when breathing fresh air for a few minutes.

Practicing walking

Do brisk walking for 20 minutes, as it stimulates the heart and reduces feelings of stress.

Follow a healthy diet

following Healthy diet It contains fruits, vegetables, and protein, which helps maintain health and make the body feel good.

Self praise

You should praise yourself by leaving a note, such as “You are beautiful” on the bathroom mirror, to help generate positive energy.

Learn something new

Learning new things helps increase a person’s culture, thus increasing his self-confidence and making him feel happy.

Forgetting the past

We must forget the past with all its negative energy and move forward in life.

Try something new

It is preferable to get rid of the daily routine and try something new, such as walking in the street or something new that helps the person get rid of the traditional routine.

Buy a gift

It is recommended that a person buy a gift for himself that makes him feel satisfied and happy.

feeling happy
feeling happy
A feeling of optimism
A feeling of optimism
Girl feels happy
Girl feels happy

Thresholds of Joy series (21)
Thresholds of Joy series

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