Lobna Wanes’s daughter launches a fiery attack on Mai Omar and her husband, Mohamed Sami

12:17 AM

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Aya Shuaib, daughter of actress Lobna Wenes, opened fire on director Mohamed Sami and his wife, artist Mai Omar, because of the series “Namat Al Avocato,” in which her mother co-stars.

Lobna Wanes’s daughter said, in a video of her on her TikTok account, criticizing the heroine of the work, Mai Omar, and her husband, director Mohamed Sami: “My mother requests TV series because she is an addition to any work, because no matter how small she takes a role, she does something from it and because people love her, and we don’t dabble in drumming.” “.

She continued: “I say my opinion and my mother says her opinion, and this livelihood belongs to God, and my mother works as an actress. She goes to act and comes back to take care of us and see her home. Her profession is acting, and you will not find her in gatherings or suhoors, and my mother has no group in the artistic community.”

She added: “It is not the drumming that will make her act. It is all up to God. We eat bread because we are people with a conscience, and God is the one who provides for us.”

The events of the series “Avocato Blessing” take place in a social context, and Mai Omar plays the role of a lawyer who enters into conflicts with her ex-husband, the artist Ahmed Zaher, within the work events.

The series consists of 15 episodes and co-stars Mai Omar, Ahmed Zaher, Arwa Gouda, Kamal Abu Rayya, Salwa Othman, Sami Maghawri, and is written by Mohab Tariq and directed by Mohamed Sami.

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