Meteorology: Temperatures rise in all parts of the world… the highest in Cairo is 25 degrees

You expect Meteorological Authority Today, Wednesday, will witness a rise in temperatures, with warm weather prevailing during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northeastern coasts, South Sinai, and North Upper Egypt, tending to warm on the northwestern coasts, tending to heat in South Upper Egypt, and cold at night in most parts and in the early morning.

The Meteorological Authority also expects today to witness wind activity over most parts of the Republic, which may stir up sand and dust on exposed areas and increase the feeling of cold weather at night.

As for today’s temperatures, Wednesday: Great Cairo is 25 degrees and Low is 16, Alexandria is 25 and Low is 14, Matrouh is 24 degrees and Low is 13, Great Sohag is 27 degrees and Low is 13, Great Qena is 28 degrees and Low is 13, and Great Aswan is 28 degrees and low is 14.

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