Ramez Jalal receives Hamada Hilal and Ahmed Fahmy: With us is the Kababji of the song and the singer Al-Makhawi | news

The two stars, Hamada Hilal and Ahmed Fahmy, fell into the trap of today’s episode of the program “Ramez Gap from the Other,” presented by the artist Ramez Galal on MBC Egypt, and Ramez received them in his sarcastic way.

Ramez Jalal said in the introduction to the episode: “One of them was singing popular and turned to romanticism and singing, and the second quit his band and left it flat, and their eyes became blurry and went to acting. One of them belittled himself and said, ‘I am Mahmoud Qabil,’ and the second, because he appeared as a boxer in a movie, said, ‘I will be a substitute for Al-Sakka,’ and one of them worked in it.” Prince of ghosts, and workers who come with goblins and spirits, and the second one is not enough for acting and songs. He opened a kofta and kebab shop, and his dish was completed by Habab. With us and with you is the artist and the drama praiser, the kababji of the song and the singer Al-Makhawi.”

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Ahmed Fahmy in Ramez Jab from the other

As soon as he met with Hamada Hilal, Ramez said: “The Maddah is fighting? Why did you not come to the program with a Jalabiya and an aunt? This jacket is used as a billiard table, and your achievements speak for themselves. Enough of the Maddah is 25 parts. I hear that the next part is the zombie stage, and Lucy will emerge from centuries of death.” “Her eyes.”

Hamada Hilal in Ramez Gab from the end

As for Ahmed Fahmy, Ramez received him, saying: “Ahmed Fahmy is fighting like this. You look like a monster in front of the kitchen. God willing, you will be paving over us, and God willing, you will look like this, Khedive Ismail’s beard.”

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Ahmed Fahmy in Ramez Jab from the other

The “Ramez Jab Min Al Akher” program, which is broadcast daily after the Maghrib call to prayer, as usual, witnesses an atmosphere of terror, suspense and excitement towards the guests. The promo sparked positive reactions from the fans and followers of the star Ramez Jalal in Egypt and the Arab world, due to the scenes it contained that combine horror and comedy in… The same time because of the exciting and unexpected adventures facing the stars who fell into Ramez’s trap.

Hamada Hilal in Ramez Gab from the end

This year, a large number of art, sports and media stars fell into the Ramez trap, including Ahmed Al-Sakka, Somaya Al-Khashab, Bassem Samra, Hamdi Al-Marghani, Ayten Amer, Hassan Shakoush, Naglaa Badr, Ahmed Hossam Mido, Hamada Hilal, Mohamed Riad, Pamela Al-Kik, Mohamed. Shaheen, Hassan Asiri, and many other stars.

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