4 charges are facing the Uber driver who caused the death of Habiba Al-Shamaa after he was referred for a felony

Written by Ihab Al Mohandes

Thursday, March 21, 2024 10:47 AM

Referred to investigation authorities Uber driver The person responsible for the death of Habiba Al-Shamaa, known as “Sunrise girlOr the gathering girl to the Court of Appeal in preparation for setting his trial session before the felonies.

The accused faces many charges, according to statements by Dr. Muhammad Al-Amin, the victim’s lawyer, including:

Charge of attempted kidnapping.

– Forgery of official documents.

Charges of attempted kidnapping and causing death.

– Substance abuse and driving under the influence of drugs.

and died Habiba Al-Shamma Last Thursday, the medical report revealed that the girl suffered a severe drop in blood circulation that caused the heart muscle to stop, and attempts to revive her with specialized equipment were unsuccessful.

Investigations revealed that the girl suffered from fainting and bleeding as a result of her jumping out of the car for fear of being kidnapped by the driver, after he sprayed some perfume inside the car while driving very quickly on the Suez Road, which caused terror in the girl’s soul and prompted her to jump out of the car.

Public Prosecution I decided to unpack the surveillance cameras and conduct a drug test on the accused driver, who had previously been accused in a drug case.

The defendant’s lawyer revealed that the driver did not intend to kidnap Habiba Al-ShammaBut she suffered from a state of unreal apprehension and terror, and that the accused had been working for Uber for years without any complaint, and while spraying perfume he did not close the car doors, which is a clear reason for the lack of intention to kidnap the girl.

The girl’s family lawyer For his part, he filed a request for civil compensation before the prosecution against the accused and the Uber company as a result of the damage caused to his client.

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