Helmy Bakr.. The death controversy comes to the fore 21 days after the musician’s passing

21 days after the passing of the Egyptian musician My dream is virginOnce again, controversy arises and conflicts erupt between the wife of the Egyptian musician Helmy Bakr, on the one hand, and the Musicians Syndicate, on the other hand, and the lawyer of the late Mortada Mansour.
After the situation calmed down somewhat, Samah Al-Qurashi, the musician’s widow, appeared My dream is virginThen the situation erupted again, with her strong criticism and objection in statements to the accusations made against her by the artist Nadia Mostafa, in the last days of the musician Helmy Bakr.

My dream is virgin

The widow of the late musician Helmy Bakr confirmed in a television interview that she is not at all afraid of what Mustafa is saying, and even asked her to show all the recordings and evidence she has that she claims carries a threat against her. Al-Qurashi stressed that what the artist Nadia Mustafa says has nothing to do with the truth.
On the other hand, she also directed her severe criticism towards the head of the Musicians Syndicate, Mustafa Kamel, revealing that the reasons behind the attack on her by “Kamel” were not allowing him to enter her house, stressing that at that time her late husband, the musician Hilmi Bakr, disagreed with her opinion, which ultimately caused her to… The head of the Musicians Syndicate became angry with her, and also made her resort to suing him.

The death of Helmy Bakr

In fiery statements by the famous lawyer and former Zamalek club president, Mortada Mansour, he made several accusations against the widow of the late Helmy Bakr, accusing her of being behind the death of the late Helmy Bakr.
To prove this, he said, he also resorted to suing her, as Counselor Mortada Mansour submitted a number of reports to the relevant authorities to prove the accusations, and then hold her accountable, especially with his threat of imprisonment, telling her, “By the mercy of my mother, I will imprison you.”
Regarding the death of the late Hilmi Bakr, Mortada Mansour indicated that it was unnatural, and he increased his accusations against his widow of torturing him by extinguishing cigarettes on his body. Not only that, but he also explained that she refused to transfer him to the hospital for treatment in his last days.

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