Beit Al-Rifai series, Episode 10… Sayed Ragab and the maid are behind the killing of Ahmed Fouad Selim

The tenth episode of… House of Al-Rifai series For the star Amir KararaAbout the most important secret in the events of the work, which is who killed Hajj Mahmoud Al-Rifai – Ahmed Fouad Selim – the maid who works in Al-Rifai’s house and whose role is played by actress Hanan Fekry, at the instigation of Abdel Hamid – Sayed Ragab – Mahmoud Al-Rifai’s brother, in a big surprise after To wait for the audience.

The tenth episode of House of Al-Rifai series The star, Amir Karara, has exciting and interesting events, as Yassin – Amir Karara – meets his mother, Laila – Safaa Al-Toukhi – and tells her that the money that he was scheduled to give her has not been prepared yet, and he asks her about a secret safe for his father in which he hid dollars, but she confirms that there is only One safe is in the home and the other is in the office.

Laila thinks about Yassin’s question and asks him if he meant that his father was trading in currency. She rejects the matter completely and confirms that his father did not bring a forbidden penny into the house. However, Yassin shocks his mother and reveals to her the secret that he hid over the past years, and confirms to her that his father was trading in antiquities, and that. The reason for Farouk choosing Kabir for the family after him was because Farouk worked with him in the antiquities trade, and Laila feels a great shock at Bassin’s words and leaves in great astonishment.

Laila returns home in shock and enters her room and remembers many situations that she had with her late husband, Mahmoud Al-Rifai – Ahmed Fouad Selim – and these situations link her to what Yassin said about her husband’s trade in antiquities. At the same time, the police officer meets Farouk and asks him if he saw Yassin being shot, but Farouk insists. He accused Yassin even though he did not see him being shot.

House of Al-Rifai series Displays within Ramadan 2024 series On the ON channel at 9 pm, and replays at 1:30 am and 9:45 am. Drama will be shown on the ON channel at 12 midnight, and replays at 6 am and 4:30 pm, in addition to showing the work on the watch it platform at 7 pm.

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