Al-Khamisi meeting: Abdel Monsef makes me fall in love with his calm!

Mohammed Shaban

Published on: Thursday, March 21, 2024 – 6:59 AM | Last updated: Thursday, March 21, 2024 – 6:59 AM

Actress Liqaa Al-Khamisi said that she had been suffering from the problem of extreme anger and excessive nervousness since her childhood, confirming that she had gradually begun to control herself to a greater extent recently with practicing sports. ‏

She added during an interview with the “Asrar” program with media personality Amira Badr, broadcast on Al-Nahar channel on Wednesday evening, that most of her anger was with her eldest son, noting that his behavior greatly angered her.

Al-Khamisi recalled a difficult situation with her son, where she lost control of herself and hit him, and he in turn grabbed her hand and held her steady, which led to her crying for three days.

She pointed out that her husband, Mohamed Abdel Monsef, did not express or show his anger during his married life, saying: “He never expressed his anger with me throughout his life at all. He doesn’t get upset at all. I’m just the one who yells. He will make me upset by telling him to yell at your son because he stays up late and he tells me why should I yell?” Why can I speak calmly?

She expressed her understanding of her husband’s point of view, stressing that “screaming” is not helpful in raising children, adding that calm dialogue is the best way to deal with them.

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