I did not see my father’s photo until 70 years after his death.. Video

Artist Mohamed Abdo told sad secrets about his life, including that he did not see a picture of his father until recently.

Muhammad Abdo said: “I was born in 1949, and I did not see a picture of my father until 70 years after his death. My father left when I was young and did not return. I knew that he was suffering from a skin disease and went for treatment in the Sulfur Eyes on the Yemeni border and died.”

He explained during his interview with the “Big Time Podcast” program presented by Amr Adeeb and Asala on the MBC channel: “We did not receive the news of my father’s death until 8 months after his passing, and his picture that was in the house when I was two years old disappeared and was missing from our house, and when I asked where he was.” The picture was gone, and they told me that they had burned it. It is forbidden for a dead person to have a picture in life.”

He added: “4 months ago, someone from Yemen came to me and said to me, ‘I went to look for a picture of my father in the ship company. They showed me a picture of my father and a picture of someone named Abdo, which was empty. When I looked at the picture, he said to the grandson of the owner of the company, ‘This is the father of the artist Muhammad Abdo,’ and he brought me the picture and when I saw it.” I remembered that it was my father whose picture I saw when I was two years old.

Muhammad Abdo entered into a fit of crying, saying: “Glory be to God, Lord of the worlds. I was hoping to see my father in my life, and when I saw the picture, I found that he looked like me. It was photographed well because it came from his pass card and it was well stored. My children set it on the computer and it looked nice.”

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