Beit Al-Rifai series, Episode 10.. Sayed Ragab knows who is behind the attempt to kill Ahmed Rizk

The tenth episode of House of Al-Rifai series About knowing Abdul Hamid – Mr. Rajab – The person who shot Farouk and the bullet hit his wife Dalia – Donia Al-Masry – during a scene in which he goes to Jaber, who is the person who is excavating antiquities in his house, and Farouk – Ahmed Rizk – threatened him that he would share with him if any antiquities were extracted, and he told Abdel Hamid Jaber said he saw his son in the garden of Al-Rifai’s house before he shot Dalia.

Abdul Hamid goes to Jaber and tells him about it. The implication is that Abdul Hamid wants to bargain with them to hide the secret in exchange for obtaining antiquities that will be extracted from under their house. The scene moves to Yassin – Amir Karara – and Samia – Mirna Jamil – they go to the teacher Saeed – Muhammad Lotfy – believing One of them is that he was the one who asked Samia’s brother to steal the gold, but the teacher Saeed confirms that he had nothing to do with it.

The tenth episode of House of Al-Rifai series Samia discovers that her brother stole the gold pounds that she was hiding in her closet, amidst shock from Yassin, who receives a call from his mother and reprimands him for striking Farouk with fire, and the bullet hit his wife Dalia. Yassin swears to his mother that he has nothing to do with this matter.

Farouk becomes increasingly angry with Yassin because he believes that he is the one who shot his wife. He assures his wife Dalia that he will not leave him no matter what and will remain behind him until he catches him and takes revenge on him. At the same time, Yassin and Samia begin searching for Samia’s brother in the area, and Yassin asks Samia to return. For the house, but the latter insists on moving with him wherever he goes until they find the gold pounds again.

The series “House of Al-Rifai” is shown within Ramadan 2024 series On the ON channel at 9 pm, and replays at 1:30 am and 9:45 am. Drama will be shown on the ON channel at 12 midnight, and replays at 6 am and 4:30 pm, in addition to showing the work on the watch it platform at 7 pm.

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