Silvano Oblitas Video Puente (Bridge): Twitter and Reddit Update

Silvano Oblita’s video puente has been heavily searched on the internet since a young boy has died. Continue reading to know more about the incident.

Silvano Oblitas Cántaro Tolentino was a 19-year-old boy from Peru whose name came into media prominence after a video of him being thrown from a bridge went viral.

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On January 25, 2021, Silvano traveled to Colombia and had fun. Later, a disturbingly disturbing video circulated on the Internet.

In the video, Silvano was thrown from a bridge by a man who asked him where he was from. Oblitas leaned against the railing of a bridge in Mercaderes, Cauca, and moments later the person asking the question grabbed Silvano and threw him into the void.

The video was recorded and later shared on several social media, leaving everyone shocked.

Silvano Oblitas Video Puente (Bridge) Explored

Silvano Oblitas was a young boy who died after being thrown from a bridge by a man. The shocking incident happened in January 2021 and now people are looking for Silvano Oblita’s video puente.

Oblitas had traveled to Colombia and the tragic incident happened in Mercaderes, Cauca. There, Oblitas leaned against the railing of a bridge, and when a man asked where Silvano was from, he replied that he was from Huánuco, Peru.

In the viral video, Oblitas looked calm; he was confident. Not only that, but his companions seemed to pose no danger to him.

Silvano Oblitas Video Bridge
Silvano Oblitas went viral on the internet when his video of being thrown from the bridge was shared. (Source: Twitter )

Moments later, the man who asked him the question grabbed Oblitas by the legs and chest and threw him into the void. Not only that, but the man even threw away his possessions and said, “Delete it, it died dead.”

The video was later shared on social media and it was a 29 second video that went viral instantly.

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Silvano Oblitas Video Twitter and Reddit Update

As previously mentioned, Silvano was Oblitas caught in a 29 second video where he can be seen thrown off a bridge by a man.

When the video was shared on social media, it went viral instantly and people started searching for the original clip. Meanwhile, the original video has been deleted as it violates community guidelines.

Silvano Oblitas Video Twitter
Silvano Oblitas News has taken over various social media platforms, including Twitter. (Source: Twitter )

Likewise, the viral clip left many people shocked and everyone found the clip disturbing. So online users have also created threads on Reddit to talk about the matter.

Similarly, hundreds of people have held numerous demonstrations to demand justice from the Colombian and Peruvian authorities. Many people have marched and mourned Silvano through the streets, called by relatives.

Is Silvano Oblitas dead or alive?

Silvano Oblitas is reported to be death after the incident that happened in January 2021. Initially, it was unknown if Silvano was dead or alive as the investigation continued.

On February 20 of the same year, a lifeless body was found at the bottom of an abyss in Mercaderes. The body matched Oblitas’ characteristics, so his relatives traveled to Colombia to conduct DNA tests and identify the body.

Death of Silvano Oblita
Silvano Oblitas died at the age of 19. ( Source: Twitter )

Silvano’s sister Janeth Cántaro identified her brother by his clothes and voice. Two of his brothers, Elder and Janeth, recognized him from a tattoo on one of his ankles.

Since the case has left everyone angry and upset, more information about it may be updated soon.

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