Full series, episode 10. Show dates and broadcast channels

Displays Complete series Episode 10, starring Dina El-Sherbiny and Sherif Salama, on the ON channel at 7:30 pm, and the replay at 8:15 am, and on the ON Drama channel at 6:5 pm, and the replay at 1:30 am and 10:45 am, as part of the Ramadan 2024 series.

Yesterday’s episode of the Kamel series witnessed the participation of Amina “Jessica Hossam El-Din” in live sessions via social media, with dance videos, while in the same house Sherif “Hamza Diab” lives in a state of depression after being injured in the stadiums, during the events of the ninth episode of the Kamel series. Issue +1, broadcast on ON channel.

In another scene, Hanzada “Aya Samaha” began dancing lessons, after the approval of Omar’s mother, “Mimi Jamal,” who expressed her admiration for this, describing it as dancing with her heart.

series Whole number +1 It consists of 15 starring episodes Dina El-SherbinySherif Salama, Isaad Younis, Aya Samaha, Jihan Al-Shamasherji, Mimi Gamal, Ahmed Kamal, Ahmed Gamal Saeed, Samar Allam, Amr Gamal, Tamim Abdo, Jessica Hossam El-Din, Lina Sofia Bin Hamman, Hamza Diab, Fatt Imam, written by Rana Abu Al-Rish and Yusr Taher, directed by Khaled Al-Halafawi and produced by Eagle Films by producer Jamal Sinan.

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