House of Al-Rifai, Episode 9.. Amir Karara’s reaction after his theft, and who struck down the world of Al-Masry?

The ninth episode of the star’s Beit Al-Rifai series has ended Amir Karara Which is shown on ON channelWatch it platformAn exciting and suspenseful ending, as Dalia (Donia Al-Masry) was shot on the night of her marriage to Farouk (Ahmed Rizk), as soon as she went up to her room after the marriage contract, in her back while she was in the arms of her husband Farouk. Will the tenth episode reveal the identity of the person who shot her? Is she the intended one or her husband Farouk?

The tenth episode is also expected to reveal Yassin’s reaction (Amir Karara) After discovering that the box of gold pounds that he got from his son and gave to Samia to hide in her closet was stolen, and her brother was stolen, will he be angry with Samia as she is the one who hid it? Or will he discover that Samia’s brother was the one who stole it and return it again? Especially since the financial condition he is living in is very difficult, which will be revealed in the tenth episode of the series.

The ninth episode of… House of Al-Rifai series By chasing a young man, Ruqaya (Malik Qawra) is on her way after leaving work, and this young man attacks her, but her brother Yassin comes and beats him and saves his sister, who confesses to him about the nature of her work, and that she was forced to lie to her mother in order to allow her to work, and Yassin agrees with her to leave this job. Until she finds another suitable job for her.

Yassin breaks into the car of the Al-Rifai family lawyer with a weapon, and tries to find out from him any new information about the family property that his father wrote to Yassin. He is surprised that the contracts are written with a date only one day before Hajj Mahmoud’s death. He asks Yassin about the dollars, but the lawyer confirms that he does not know anything, and that he works in trade. Only ordinary people and does not know any details about the antiquities trade.

The series “Beit Al-Rifai” will be shown as part of the Ramadan 2024 series on the ON channel at 9 pm and replays at 1:30 am and 9:45 am, and it will be shown on the ON Drama channel at 12 midnight and replays at 6 am and 4:30 pm, in addition to showing the work on the watch it platform at 7 pm. .

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