The gathering lion…the former director of the zoo reveals the price of the cub

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Books_Amr Saleh:

Dr. Maha Saber, former director of the Giza Zoo, revealed the price of a lion cub and the costs of raising it from the breastfeeding period until maturity.

This comes after social media users circulated a video yesterday showing a small lion wandering around a villa in the First Settlement area in Cairo, which sparked terror among the residents of the area.

Maha Saber said during her statements to Masrawy that the prices of a young lion cub range between a maximum of 170,000 and 200,000 pounds, depending on the condition of its body and the size of its organs during the first stage of its life, explaining that during the first months of its life, its only food is milk, and it may be Sometimes a small piece of meat.

The former zoo director continued: Once the breastfeeding stage ends, he is fed naturally with meat, as he eats approximately 8 kilos of meat during one day. This is what prompted us, as zoo officials, to follow programs that would prevent the birth of lions in the zoo due to the high cost of raising them.

She revealed that the price of a small lion cub is much more expensive than the price of a large lion.

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