Inspired by the Beit Al-Rifai series, Episode 10… Learn the meaning of slapping and scarring in the language

The events of the tenth episode of House of Al-Rifai seriesstarring the artist Amir Kararawhich is shown on the ON channel simultaneously with its showing on the watch it platform, within Ramadan 2024 dramaDalia – Donia Al-Masry was transferred to the hospital after being shot on her wedding night from Farouk – Ahmed Rizk, and Farouk gets emotional at his wife’s mother, saying: “We stop slapping and scarring.” What is the meaning of the word slapping in the Arabic language?

It may come to our minds that scarring and slapping are two terms with the same meaning, as is currently common, but if we return to language dictionaries and examine, we will find that the meaning of scarring is different from the meaning of slapping in the origin of the language.

The mourning is for the mourner to call upon the deceased with good praise in her words, “So, so, and so on,” and the name of that verb is “al-nadbah,” and it is one of the chapters of grammar.

As for slapping, it means hitting the cheek and the back of the body with the outstretched hand or hitting the face with the palm of the hand. Scarring is the action of the tongue and throat (with the voice), and slapping is the action of the hand (with the beating).

The ninth episode of the series “Beit Al-Rifai” by the star Amir Karara, which is shown on the ON channel and the Watch it platform, ended with an exciting and exciting ending, as Dalia (Donia Al-Masry) was shot in the back on the night of her marriage to Farouk – Ahmed Rizk, as soon as she went up to her room after the marriage contract. She is in the arms of her husband, Farouk. Will the tenth episode reveal the identity of the person who shot her? Is she the intended one or her husband Farouk?

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