Video – Helmy Bakr’s widow sends a strong message to this star!

During her interview on the “Cairo Today” program presented by the media personality Nancy Magdy on the “Al-Youm” channel, Samah Al-Qurashi, the widow of musician Helmy Bakr, criticized the statements of the artist Nadia Mostafa, in which she confirmed that she possesses dangerous recordings against her.

In her statements, Al-Qurashi stressed that what Nadia Mustafa is talking about is not real, demanding that she show what she has to public opinion, and at the same time denouncing her statements against her.

The musician’s widow revealed the reasons for her crisis with the current head of the Musicians Syndicate, Mustafa Kamel, explaining that the problem occurred between them after she, as the late wife, refused Mustafa Kamel to enter her house, in objection to what was happening in the house in previous times, as she said.

Samah Al-Qurashi confirmed that her husband, musician Helmi Bakr, responded to her desire at the time, which angered Mustafa Kamel, who began attacking her in various media outlets, noting that she resorted to the law in order to regain her rights.

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