“This looks like ethnic cleansing.” A CNN correspondent pressures a leading figure in the Israeli settlement movement.

Returning to Gaza is the goal of the Zionist settlement organization, Nakhla, one of more than a dozen organizations now calling for the re-establishment of Israeli settlements in Gaza.

Daniela Weiss is the godmother of the movement, and has already begun recruiting from the community of 700,000 settlers in Israel.

Weiss knows that for many in this community, there is a deep nostalgia for Gush Katif. A block of 21 Israeli settlements that was forcibly evacuated by the Israeli army in 2005 when Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip.

Nakhla has support from a number of groups in the US including AFSI, or Americans for a Safe Israel, which co-sponsored a recent webinar on returning to Gush Katif, even as the Biden administration By taking strict measures against settlements in the West Bank.

According to Weiss, “there is very strong support from very prominent people, from very wealthy people, from wealthy Jews in the United States,” but she did not say who they were.

CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward’s report from the West Bank brings you more details.

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