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Yom Purim is the great ‘Judgment Day’ of the Koft Ha’ir. On the one hand, this is Judgment Day, and on the other hand, it is also a wonderful and unique holiday. Thousands of families across the country look forward to this day, expecting to receive a significant amount of money as ‘gifts to the poor’, and the fund has to meet these enormous expectations, and raise unimaginable amounts on Purim itself.

The feature registered at the ‘City Cashier’ in preparation for Yom Purim is difficult to describe in words. The lists are refreshed and re-updated, the financial situation of each family is examined in detail to ascertain how many people live in the house, what the monthly income is and how much money should be given to the family as ‘gifts for the poor’.

Special messengers are recruited. The residents of Jerusalem who celebrate ‘Demukfi Purim’ are recruited to carry out the distribution of the gifts in the cities of the country that celebrate ‘Defarzim Purim’, without disturbing the joy of the holiday, and the residents of the other cities of the country are recruited to carry out the distribution in the cities surrounded by a wall since the days of Yehoshua ben Nun.

The big challenge is to bring the ‘gifts to the villains’ as early as possible. This is because if the gifts for the orphans arrive in the afternoon, their benefit will be very little in terms of the Purim joy in the families’ homes, when the shops are already closed and it is no longer possible to buy you groceries for the holiday meal.

That’s why Marnan and Rabbanan, the great men of the generation, led in previous years, that the bulk of the gifts for the orphans would be made even before Purim.

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The public is asked to advance and give the money a day in advance, both in cash and by credit card, and in the city treasury the money is kept as a deposit, converted into cash bills that are already prepared in envelopes these days, so that on the day of Purim, in the early morning hours, the messengers will already go out to all the addresses of the families in need throughout the country , and hand over the envelopes with the cash to them even before the early afternoon hours, so that the families can hurry and buy the needs of the meal and also prepare the meal on Purim itself, and the donors will be able to fulfill the mitzvah of giving ‘gifts to the orphans’ in great style.

This is the place to remind us of what we all know: for twenty-two years, Maran the 3rd Rabbi of the Torah Zatzok’l labored and took pains to instruct all the questioners and all the Diaspora of Israel, what is the correct and elegant leadership in observing the mitzvot of ‘gifts to the obituaries’, and as he wrote many times: in his explicit letters: In Sed, I was asked where the appropriate place is for gifts to the Aviyons, and I said that I give to the city treasury, since they distribute to the poor, and the collectors are Rabbi Hanina ben Theridion, and they distribute to all the classes, and that’s where gifts to the Aviyons should be given.”

Even in the last year of Maran’s life, 24 hours before God’s candle was extinguished, at the end of the offering prayer on the day of Purim, he called the collectors of the Koft Ha’ir and asked them: “Continue to take care of the poor.” A request whose deep nature was not understood at the time of the act, and soon became a will.

Advance the ‘gifts to the poor’, so that the truly poor will receive the maximum possible benefit from them.

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