Minister Ben Gabir: “Food for the children in Gaza? Let them bring back Ariel and Kafir Biebs”

War of Iron Swords: Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir He spoke today (Tuesday) at the “Gaza March” in Sderot. As I recall, thousands of citizens are participating in the Gaza march, in which members of bereaved families who lost their loved ones in the Iron Swords War and the residents of the surrounding area are also supposed to participate.

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At the beginning of his speech, Minister Ben Gvir said: “When I left the house, my son told me father, you have 3 broken ribs, the doctor said you need to rest in bed, why are you going? I answered him that I really won’t be able to make it to the march, but I must make it at least now, because what What you are doing here is the real solution.”

“We can sit in the cabinet and press for action in Rafah, not compromise on ending the war, demand that targeted countermeasures be taken, but in order to end the problem, so that the problem does not return, we need two things that must be done: one – return to Gaza now, return home, return to our holy land , and two – encouraging immigration,” he continued. “Encourage the voluntary departure of the residents of Gaza. It’s moral! It’s rational! It’s right! It’s the truth! It’s the Torah and it’s the only way! And yes, it’s also humanitarian.”

“And by the way, humanitarian, I am ashamed that I am the only one in the cabinet who voted against the transfer of shipments to Gaza through Kerem Shalom. Yes, I understand that the world is pressuring, yes I understand that the legal advisor is threatening, yes I understand that those who do not align themselves are criticized in the media. I am proud that I am criticized in the media. I said the This is before and I say it now: Do you want to deliver food to the children in Gaza? Do you want the women in Gaza to get a roof over their heads?

At the end of his speech, he said: “Do you want them to see the hostages? Let us see the abductees. When the Red Cross asked me to see the hostages, I told them no problem. For every hostage they see, I see one of our abductees – even through a video that tells me how he is doing. This is normal That’s how it should work, and as the rest of us sing in the hope of being a free people in our country – that’s exactly what we mean – Happy Independence Day.”

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