This is how Taylor Swift influenced Real Madrid’s plans for the Champions League final

real Madrid will screen at the Santiago Bernabéu Champions League final, the club announced today (Tuesday) in the draw Tickets for the match at Wembley Stadium on June 1st.

In each of the finals since 2014, the club has held the traditional screening, but this year the Madrid players encountered a problem. The reason? A pair of performances by the American pop star, Taylor Swift, at the stadium on the two evenings before the game.

Jude Bellingham and Taylor Swift, Photo: from X

In the end, despite the complexity, the club announced that it would be able to meet the logistical challenges and that the team’s fans who did not obtain a ticket for the critical game would be able to watch it together at the team’s stadium in the city. This will be the first screening in the new era of the Bernabeu after the renovation.

Although the details of the screening are still unknown, after the renovation, 360-degree screens were installed in the Bernabeu, which may be a revolution in the fans’ experience. There are only two other stadiums in the world that benefit from such technology and both are in the US.


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