A surprise behind Hossam Hassan’s call-up of Mohamed Salah to the Egyptian national team list despite the injury

Journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed the reasons for Hossam Hassan, the technical director of the Egyptian national team, joining Mohamed Salah, the captain of the Pharaohs. Egypt national team list For the March camp despite the player’s injury.

Egypt national team list

Schubert said on his radio program on On Sport FM, “Hossam Hassan He did what he had to do and called Mohamed Salah For the March camp list, Liverpool club requested that Salah complete his rehabilitation program and not join the Pharaohs, and the Egyptian national team refused and said, “We have the right to see the player and have a medical examination done on him, and this is normal.”

Schubert added, “Salah is upset with… Hossam Hassan’s statements Before he took over the responsibility of coaching the Egyptian national team, and this is not lost on anyone, because Salah is sensitive and annoyed by these criticisms. If Hossam Hassan announced the list of professionals without Salah, we would not have finished, and Salah himself would be upset. How could he be left out? Egypt national team“.

Egypt national team list

Schubert continued, “They said Ibrahim Hassan communicated with the professionals, but the fact of his communication with Salah was not specifically determined. It is not important that Salah plays the friendly tournament. The important thing is that he is not overly sensitive, because the friendly tournament is not important and we will not judge Hossam Hassan during it, but a healthy atmosphere must be provided for the team.”

Schubert added, “Hossam Hassan’s good comments about… Mohamed Salah In the press conference, it did not reach Salah. Here, the Football Association and the Minister of Sports must intervene to resolve this dispute. There is no shame in bringing the points of view closer together and removing the residue between the two parties with a sensible and wise intervention, because we need it. Hossam Hassan and Mohamed Salah For the sake of the Egyptian national team, and do not heat the world and say that Hossam Hassan will exclude Mohamed Salah, and do not say that Salah will retire from international football.”

7 professionals on the Egyptian national team roster

He chose the technical staff of the first Egyptian national football team, led by… Hossam Hassan The technical director, and Ibrahim Hassan, the national team manager, have selected 7 professional players for the March camp, which will witness the Pharaohs’ participation in a friendly tournament in the Emirates, and the players are: Mohamed Salah, Ahmed Hegazy, Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, Hamdi Fathi, Mustafa Mohamed, Omar Marmoush, and Mohamed Sharif.

The Egyptian national team will play a friendly match against the New Zealand national team on March 22 in the Emirates, with the winner facing the winner of the match between Tunisia and Croatia..

And I witnessed List of professionals The exclusion of Mohamed Elneny, the English Arsenal player, and the return of Mohamed Sherif.

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